Bringing Authentic Ayurveda to the world

Kerala Ayurveda Institute offers dedicated professional healthcare services and training programmes in Ayurveda for Ayurveda enthusiasts all over the Globe. Kerala Ayurveda Institute is the fruit of the effort to bring Authentic ayurveda healthcare to your doorstep.

Ayurveda is the classical medical system of India, originated and utilized for more than 5000 years. Useful for almost all human ailments and utilizes herbal combinations, massages, lifestyle modifications and counselling for chronic disease management and prevention.

Kerala, the Land of Ayurveda–Kerala is a state in India, where ayurveda is practiced in the classical method. It has a population of 34.8 million, living in an area of 38,863 km².
16.7 percent of public institutions practice Ayurveda. 126 ayurveda hospitals with 4037 beds, 898 dispensaries and 16639 Ayurveda doctors are available in the public domain in Kerala. Kerala claims unique Public Health achievements through the interventions of Ayurveda through Government. Some useful links are given below for your reference

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