In the tradition of legendary ayurveda physicians of the glorious past……

We believe Ayurveda is a term which needs to be used with more clarity and vision, with regard to its purpose.

Charaka, the most renowned master of Ayurveda, who is the author of Charaka Samhitha (Compendium of Charaka, BC 200), very clearly describes Ayurveda as a medical system. Interestingly, he refers to it not just as a Medical science, but as the science of life (Ayur=life, Veda=knowledge).

1000 years later, Vagbhata, another great master of Ayurveda, consolidated the entire concepts of Ayurveda. In the first two words of his foreword to the Compendium- Asthanga sangraham(AD 700 ), he refers diseases as:

“Ragadi Rogan satatanushaktan
Asesha kaya prasrtanaseshan
Outsukya moha aratitan jaghana
Yo Apoorva Vaidyaye namostu tasmai”
“Ashtanga Hridayam”

referring to diseases as those that effect the clarity and purity of our mind, and not just the physical limitations of our body!

25 years ago, in our first year at University, we started our journey in Ayurveda at Government Ayurveda College Trivandrum, Kerala, India. 6 yrs of academic studies took us through a roller coaster journey of scientific training sessions and internships at the hands of great teachers and healers from all around the country.

Little did we expect that life would unfold the experiences of wonders of Ayurveda to us. Living in different countries and practicing Ayurveda across different cultural settings, other than its country of origin, was very challenging, but it has given us tremendous insight and experience as physicians.

We are awestruck at the absolute coherence of Ayurvedic principles to the body´s functional mechanisms and find blissfull healing unfold, whenever we strictly adhere to the core Philosophies of Ayurveda and its understanding about human body and universe. 

This great science is time tested and it have given us abundance, and all we want is, to give its goodness back to the world, for whom ever it is needed- in all its modesty and authenticity.

Welcome to our journey of Ayurveda

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