Foundation programme for Ayureda aspirants

July 1st to July 15 th 2019 (15 days )

The History continues

Location – Àguila Daurada: precios L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, Spain

Fee – 200 Euros /Day , all inclusive – pick and drop for Unaccompanied minors , 200 Euro as a registration fees , Payable at the time of booking.

This course is designed to part basic information to students who may like to study Ayurveda in India. This foundation course will help them to decide their future plan and will be able to decide if they need to continue in Ayurveda or not.

This is a residential programme where students learn simple healthy cooking , Yoga Meditation and Pranayama, or Breathing techniques


1 Introduction to Indian systems of medicine 2 Hrs
1 Background of Indian knowledge traditions and Vedas 2Hrs  
2 History of Ayurveda 4Hrs  
3 Divisions of Ayurveda 4Hrs  
4 Fundamentals of Indian physical sciences 4Hrs
5 Introduction to Sanskrit   4Hrs
6 Basic principles of Ayurveda Part 1   4 Hrs
7 Basic principles of Ayurveda Part 2   4 Hrs
8 Prakruthi the Concept of Body Constitution.   4Hrs
9 The concept of Tridosha 4Hrs  
10 Food and Ayurveda 4Hrs  
11 Introduction to Yoga 4Hrs
12 Basic yoga practices and breathing exercises 4Hrs
13 The concept of Diseases in Ayurveda 4Hrs  
14 The concept of treatments in Ayurveda 4Hrs.  
15 Role of Panchakarma in Treatments 4Hrs.  
  Morning Yoga breathing exercises evening Interactions and discussions on topic 2 Hrs  every day except Weekends